Leadership is an Inside Job


Leaders today face a myriad of challenges. Leading change, managing increasing complexity, retaining and developing talent, creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial mindset and changing the way people work. All while keeping the organization focused on achieving the strategic goals.

The one thing that is consistent through all of these challenges is having an engaged, committed and talented leadership team that truly reflects the culture required to successfully execute the organization’s goals.

Leadership is the crux of an organization’s ability to successfully navigate all of the above challenges and create a strong, adaptive and sustainable organization that can effectively meet the challenges going forward. If you don’t have great leadership, you will constantly be struggling to achieve your organization’s goals and stay ahead of your competition.

Great leadership starts from within. The most effective, inspirational and powerful leaders know what matters most, know their strengths and weaknesses, continually seek development and consistently speak and act in alignment with their vision and values. From this place of inner alignment, leaders can achieve powerful positive impact, create great followership and accomplish amazing results.

The Leadership Alignment Consulting Group is dedicated to bringing out the very best a leader has to offer—his/her essential gifts, passion and vision. We partner with senior leaders to cultivate their leadership strengths and support them in creating effective leadership and engaged workplaces that are aligned to achieve their organization’s strategic goals. Our coaches and consultants blend broad experience, leading edge assessment tools and innovative methodologies to support leaders in effectively leading their organizations through the multitude of the challenges they face today.

We help leaders:


  • Identify and cultivate their unique leadership strengths and talents
  • Eliminate blocks and conditioning that limit their impact
  • Create and sustain high-performing leadership teams
  • Navigate and manage organization change
  • Identify and craft a culture that supports the execution of their strategy
  • Navigate the challenges of changing their organization’s culture
  • Develop and retain their top talent


Unique and Effective


What makes us unique and effective in our partnering with our clients is our total custom approach. We seek first to clearly understand the needs of our clients and then develop a solution that truly meets the needs and achieves the results our clients are seeking. Our clients trust that we have their needs at heart, and as such, they keep working with us over multiple projects and years. They know we truly care about their success and are not interested in giving them a cookie-cutter or “off the shelf” program.


Ready for a genuine partner


If you are a leader faced with any of the above challenges and want a genuine partner in helping you step into your best leadership and engage the potential of your organization, contact us for a complimentary consultation to see if we can be of service in helping you achieve your organization and leadership goals.