The most powerful leaders cultivate and enroll by consistently living in absolute congruence with their essential core values, authentic strengths and inspired vision.


  • Are you a key senior leader who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt you are here to make a significant impact?
  • Do you struggle with how to bring the full power of your authentic leadership and vision to inspire and ignite those who are following you?
  • Are you frustrated with leading change efforts that fall short of the results you envision?


Most leaders deliver less than their full power due to conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs about who they are or what’s possible. They struggle with negative self-talk and doubt which keeps them from consistently acting in ways that get the results they desire. For a key senior leader this can be the difference between achieving a big vision and being at best moderately successful.

Over our many years working with senior leaders and individuals desiring to break free of their fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, we have seen what it takes to create true breakthrough transformation leading to inspiring and effective authentic leadership.

We have crafted a unique and powerful program designed specifically to create game-changing results for leaders ready and committed to do what it takes to achieve the impact and change they deeply desire.

This program is the culmination of our two decades of work with CEOs, senior executives and individuals in deep transition, and it’s specifically designed for leaders ready to make significant change and up-level their company across the board.

This nine-month program consists of three phases that link together for synergistic results:


Phase 1: Gather Data to Diagnose Your Situation


Our team begins by understanding the current 360-degree context that you are in by getting feedback from your executive team, coworkers and key board members to:

  • Determine how your leadership is perceived
  • Understand the vision, strategy and goals of your organization
  • Identify role expectations and success measures

You complete a specific combination of self-assessments and questionnaires to identify innate strengths, potential blind spots, stress response patterns, lifestyle requirements and unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs


Phase 2: Conduct Offsite Session to Create Your Plan to Change


The input from Phase 1 is synthesized to shape a 1-2 day offsite with our team where you:

  • Walk through the data; clarify your vision, values, short and long term goals, challenges, effective and ineffective patterns
  • Delve into your innate strengths and release limiting beliefs and blocks inhibiting you from fully accessing your authentic leadership power
  • Create a plan to move forward as a fully embodied leader, working more effectively with your team and board to drive change and your vision


Phase 3: Provide On-going Support to Sustain Your Changes


To support implementing your plan, our team members will speak with you twice per month to sustain progress, adjust as needed, release limiting beliefs as they arise and determine next steps to continue your momentum

After three months we will do a mini-check in with your team and board to gauge the impact of your new leadership; then you will meet for a ½ day to review progress and modify the plan for going forward

This three month coaching and feedback cycle will repeat, ensuring that you stay on target with your desired progress and meeting your goals


As the great Albert Einstein said,

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”


If you want to change the results you are getting, then you have to breakthrough to a new level of thinking…a new consciousness, and that is what the Ignite Your Leadership program does. It helps you discover your innate authentic power, release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck at a lower level of thinking, and provides the support to sustain the impact of your authentic leadership.


For more information about the Ignite Your Leadership program, please email us at or call (209) 217-8120.