Why is it so hard, in spite of great intentions, for executive leaders to adopt and sustain change?

Even when leaders are really committed to change, a feedback evaluation one year later frequently shows that they haven’t really changed that much.
Maybe there has been some measurable change in one area but overall there hasn’t been much of a significant shift. This is very disheartening for them. They feel like they do all this work, they’re trying really hard, and yet nothing significantly changes.

The answer to the above question is that traditional executive mentoring does not go deep enough. Traditional executive coaching and leadership development only address the behaviors that need to be changed with the expectation of getting different results. It’s an outside-in approach to changing behaviors. The inner work is not happening with traditional leadership development. The inner process of change.

Those in Executive Leadership often are not addressing their mindsets—how they think and respond to situations internally. Most are not even aware of their mindsets because mindsets are largely unconscious. Recent neuroscience research shows that 85% or more of our behavior is driven by unconscious programming from our early childhood—our mindsets. That’s enormous! That means that at best only 15% of the time we’re choosing consciously. If this is the case, whose life are we living? Not ours, not by conscious choice.

The challenge becomes, even when we attempt to change our behavior, no matter how hard we try to respond differently in a situation, we are still coming from our same mindset… a mindset that we are not even aware of because of our unconscious programming.

If I am a leader and I’m unaware of how I’m responding to situations 85% of the time, then I’m operating on “autopilot” most of the time. My behavior is automatic because of my unconscious programming, programming that was most likely “installed” when I was a child. This creates a huge dilemna if I’m trying to change my behavior. It makes change hard and, at best, occasionally successful. And it severely limits the impact I can make.

How can a leader possibly have the impact she wants when she’s virtually unaware of the behavior she is exhibiting?

The realization that it’s our mindset that drives behavior, which we are mostly unaware of, begs the question, how do we change mindset to bring about the change we desire?

Leadership Alignment Consulting GroupThe answer is an inside-out approach versus an outside-in approach.

In my coaching practice, I regularly witness incredible transformational breakthroughs with my clients. Through working deeply with them on unconscious patterning and mindset shifting, they consistently have massive changes and are able to sustain them. These changes are not temporary; their lives are permanently changed.

We now know that our brains are enormously programmable. Through the discovery of neuroplasticity, we realize that we can “reprogram” our brains so that they function more effectively. It is the gift of true change. The key to successful and sustainable behavior change is to incorporate mindset work into leadership development and executive coaching programs—to explore deeply, identify the unconscious programming that needs to shift and then use proven techniques to actually change the programming to align with how a leader wishes to be. This gives him or her the ability to lead from a place of conscious choice, truth and authenticity which will catapult the leader’s impact and results.

And it will be effortless change! With a new mindset that is aligned with how the leader wishes to be, she naturally responds the way she wants, having the impact she desires. And it’s permanent.

The good news is the technologies for changing mindset are easy and proven. Neuroscience and neurological-redesign have provided us with the understanding, mechanisms and tools to rapidly and easily make changes to the subconsicousness to be at conscious choice more and more. It’s called Evolutionary Leadership, and it has the power to transform leaders from the inside out so they can truly create and lead the change they desire.

It starts with a desire for change. If you are a executive leader who has experienced frustration with having the impact you desire, know you have a bigger vision to lead, and struggle with how to bring about sustained change, then Evolutionary Leadeship could be the answer for you.

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Executive Mentoring to Create Evolutionary Leaders
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