Culture is ubiquitous and affects everything your organization does. Exactly where and how does your culture support or impede the execution of your strategy? Senior management knows culture is critical but may lack a precise and realistic assessment of the organization they lead and will often has a distorted or idealized notion of their culture. Without an understanding of the real culture of the organization, change efforts, leadership development, merger integration and strategy execution may be limited or even disrupted.


Reasons to consider the Leadership Alignment Consulting Group
approach for Aligning Culture


  • Gain a realistic, “inside-view” of the organization at all levels
  • Align strategy and culture
    • Leverage real strengths
    • Identify problems areas or areas of resistance
  • Design leadership development to drive execution
  • Guide post-merger integration
  • Understand the organization’s capacity to execute successful organization change
  • Target change efforts

Our Approach and Framework


Aligning culture starts with clarifying the strategy. Once the strategy is clear, the next step is to define the culture needed to support the execution of that strategy. There is no one model of culture that is appropriate for every strategy; the specificity of your strategy requires a specific culture to support its execution.

Assessment of your culture is the next step. LACG’s proprietary culture survey provides an accurate and precise measure of over 30 aspects of organization culture. The entire organization is profiled along with various subcultures such as functions and geographic locations.

The real culture is compared to the required culture and critical gaps are identified. Significant gaps could indicate the need to rethink strategy before embarking on an approach with limited chance of success.

Culture gaps are prioritized and specific culture change initiatives are identified. Targeted change strategies and tactics are developed to meet the specific, high priority needs required to insure strategic success.


Culture Alignment2


Expected Outcomes and Results


Every culture is unique and with LACG’s approach to understanding culture, you will gain a realistic and comprehensive analysis of your culture. Whether this comprehensive understanding is used to identify areas of your organization that may be limiting the execution of your strategy or to comprehend where and how two disparate cultures could be integrated in a merger situation, you will be dealing from a realistic, not an idealized, view of your organization’s culture.


Next Steps


Contact Leadership Alignment Consulting Group to discuss how to align your culture for success. During our complimentary consultation, we will:

  1. Explore how your understanding of your culture may not reflect the realities of your culture
  2. Begin to uncover where and how your culture supports or impedes the execution of your strategy
  3. Help you identify the appropriate next step to align your culture