Effective change management drives business results; it makes the difference between those organizations that see a return on their investment, and those that waste time and money trying to understand what happened.


In today’s leading organizations, change is a constant, and they use their ability to successfully execute change as a competitive advantage. Every idea, every possibility relies on successful execution to deliver results. Yet, according to Harvard Business Review, 70% of change initiatives fail.

So what’s the challenge, or the secret, to making change work? It’s an appreciation of the complexity and incredible capabilities of an organization’s most valuable resource: its people. Inspiring and enabling optimal performance is no small feat. Nor is changing behavior. And it becomes even more challenging because it isn’t just one person, but work groups, divisions, departments, functions, and a multitude of possible work arrangements and reporting relationships that are at play.


How Leadership Alignment Consulting Group can help



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Taking an “inside out” approach, our expertise at the Leadership Alignment Consulting Group (LACG) can help you orchestrate the complex alignment of human behavior to inspire change, engage employees, and accelerate results. We are well-versed in applied and academic models, with a multitude of approaches and tools at our disposal. We will work to understand your specific needs and offer customized solutions.

One premise behind our work is the involvement of official and unofficial leadership throughout the organization to navigate and lead change efforts. We work to build your organizations’ internal change capabilities for on-going success. Your people and organizational structure become your greatest asset in managing and sustaining long-term change.


Representative services include:

  • Analysis of individuals, leadership, and stakeholder groups using tools such as Kolbe and Myers Briggs
  • Impact assessments and identification of potential resistance factors
  • Change planning
  • Performance management
  • Leadership development
  • Communication/Socialization planning & execution
  • Team building


Successful change management drives achievement of business results by reducing the degree and duration of disruption caused by change and speeding adoption time and productivity gains.

Contact LACG today for a complimentary change assessment consultation to determine the keys to your successful change management.